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“I’ve been meaning to write you a fan letter ever since the meeting in Seattle. I thought your work was enormously effective and very beneficial for NCCAOM’s common good. Each time I’ve seen you facilitate a group, I’ve been quite impressed with your ability to navigate in difficult currents and keep the group making progress. I was singing your praises just yesterday during a discussion with a couple of friends about promoting “highest intention” discourse about health care reform. We are trying to experiment with vision and strategy sharing across ideological divides. We are convinced that there is a common good to be enlarged, but failures at the ideological interface seem instead to shrink the common good.”

Michael Garland, Board Member  NCCAOM

We work with teams in a variety of ways – from short “jump start” interventions to long term facilitation of major project implementations. We assist you:

  • Clarify your team’s objectives
  • Assess the team’s readiness for success
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not working
  • Develop your team’s ability to have open, honest respectful communication that will help you achieve your objectives.

We work with your teams while they are in action on their most important work. Our service can be in support of your facilitators, both behind the scenes and during team meetings. We also actively facilitate your team meetings when that is appropriate to your objectives. In either case we bring a substantial set of tools to support your team’s success, learning, and best use of time. Some of these tools include:

  • Conflict Resolution – to openly and respectfully resolve existing “undiscussable issues” while developing new team practices that will strengthen trust
  • Partnership Agreements – to strengthen commitment to collaborative relationships with an intention to develop a “cooperative advantage” mindset and reality
  • Dialogue and Discussion – to deepen the group’s ability to listen, develop a shared understanding of issues and challenge one another respectfully until clear decisions are made and aligned upon
  • Decision Making Tools – to clarify who has the “D” and identify how the team can best achieve authentic alignment and buy-in.
  • Ladder of Consensus – to expedite your team’s ability to powerfully align around a decision without unnecessary discussion
  • Influence Tools – to help your team discover the best practice in moving others to action when they do not have the authority to make happen what is critical to their success
  • Accountability Tools – to expedite your team’s ability to make powerful agreements and develop a culture of responsibility, trust, and mutual respect

Providing your team with the tools to bring the best out of themselves to bring the best out of others is a critical building block to your organizational performance and developing your people’s overall capabilities.

“We find ourselves saying “thank God for Dan” a lot. His coaching has enabled us to focus on what is really important at work and in life and to help our employees do the same. He has given us tools that help us get to the root of any problem. Because of Dan, we are getting rave reviews about our leadership from our employees.”
- Kelly Neill, Owner, Independent Actuaries, Inc.

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