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Coaching and Being Coachable

You have an enormous opportunity to accelerate your organizational learning and improve your performance.  The key is to set aside your ego and discover the power of exceptional communication about how we can best support one another.  

Overwhelm Remedy

Are you increasingly busy, over-committed, and unable to see an end to the amount of work piling up? You can identify and change the pattern of choices that are causing you and others to struggle.

Love Your Work!

We invest up to half of all waking hours working, thinking about work, and recovering from work.
We also know that once our basic needs are met, more money does not make us any happier. So,
how do we unleash our untapped potential for joy and fulfillment?

Leadership Mastery

Learn How 5 Minutes per Day Can Put You on the Road to Mastery. This practice has been developed with a powerful combination of thoughtful research and practical experience.

Unlocking Creativity in Groups and Teams

Creativity guru, Dr. R. Keith Sawyer and noted thought leader, Otto Scharmer, debunk the “myth of the lone genius” and describe a process called “presencing” to reach breakthrough innovations and actualize the highest possible future that wants to emerge.

What is Heart?

We all use the common vernacular of “having a heart to heart conversation” or “the team with more heart usually wins.” But what is heart?

Cooperative Advantage

Our bias for competition overlooks and often undermines a vital driver of value creation in business today: The synergy of potent cooperation that allows 1+1 to become 3.

Appreciative Inquiry

By focusing on, replicating, and enhancing your best success stories your people will naturally begin to notice and bring the best out of everyone.

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