Remember to Flourish Guided Sessions

You’ve gotten this far so we assume you want to listen to some guided self-reflection sessions we call Remembrance. If you aren’t sure what the title Remembrance means, we suggest you read the article, “Developing the Heart of a Leader” first.

Since we believe a flourishing world is possible, where every living entity thrives, we offer over sixty guided 30-minute Remembrance sessions to help you experience the peace, balance and connectedness that allow flourishing to happen. These sessions include short teaching themes relevant to using the Remembrance practice.

Here’s how this page is organized. Each section of the matrix contains a title and a number of dates. Just click on the date of a title to open an audio file with a recorded session on that topic theme. If you are new to the Remembrance practice, we suggest listening to the intro session recording as your first session.

(Trust, Certainty)

(Mercy, Forgiveness)

(Loss, Trauma)

Practical Applications

Overcoming Resistance

Building Relationships



(Highest Goal)

Set Priorities, Make Decisions

Communicate Effectively

Working w/ Groups

Dealing with Difficulty

Personal Responsibility

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