About Us

We are consultants who know you can succeed in business without compromising what matters.

Our Core Values:

Integrity – doing what’s best for all concerned no matter what

Authenticity – owning our strengths and weaknesses as real human beings

Lifelong Learning – being coachable from everyone and everything all of the time

What Makes Us Unique Is That We:

  • Customize for Success – listening deeply and learning as we go to optimize your success

  • Provide Real Value – giving more than we receive to ensure you get real value

  • Care as Partners – celebrating your successes and feeling your failures as if they were our own

  • Create Lasting Change – providing in-depth transformational coaching that allows for lasting change


Paul Werder

Paul Werder

Founder & CEO

Paul brings uncommon clarity and empowering momentum to your toughest leadership challenges. Learn More »
Dan Duggan

Dan Duggan

Principle & CFO

Dan helps business leaders get clear on what really matters and creates the momentum to achieve it. Learn More »

Certified LionHeart Consultants

Patsy D. Feeman

Patsy D. Feeman

Patsy D. Feeman is a highly accomplished organizational change strategist, facilitator and project manager. She applies her 25+ years of experience in design thinking, strategy and leadership development… Learn More »

Mary Heffernan

Mary Heffernan

Mary Heffernan, owner of Temenos Consulting Group, has designed and provided organizational development services for over 25 years, and executive coaching for the last 15.  The Company’s focus is on strengthening individual and organizational excellence and promoting conscious and effective leadership throughout an organization.  Learn More »

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Opening your organization’s full potential! (5 minute video)

“It was an honor to observe the facilitators bring people to their point of growth with such incredible clarity. The LionHeart principles are fantastic – I had no idea what I was getting involved in, but I am so glad I came to this program. I am both excited and nervous as hell about my project – my experience during these two days allowed me to break through my self-constructed obstacles and see myself and my opportunities far more clearly.”
- Paige Coleman, Kindle! Consulting

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