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»Our programs and services are a collaborative creation matching our expansive vision of what’s possible in business with the input of many incredible clients who’ve told us: “that was fantastic, and you could make it even more perfect with…”

Mastering Effectiveness Self-Study Program:

Some leaders and managers simply want to begin on their own. We offer you the tools at the core of our own effectiveness with self-assessment questions and suggested exercises.  You can use this guide independently, as a coaching companion or with webinar support in small groups. It is a cost effective approach to creating positive change where it always begins: with yourself.  Learn More »

One-Day Leadership Mastery Workshop

The adage is that mastery requires 10,000 hours. You and your team don’t have that kind of time. Even if you did, you’d need to know why it’s worth the effort and how to get started. You’d also want to know if there are any shortcuts. In one day you and your team can learn a powerful practice that will allow you to master anything that matters to you in 5 illuminating minutes per day! Learn More »

LionHeart’s Year-Long Leadership Program:

In the LionHeart Leadership Program you will trade in your experience of struggle and limitation for freedom of spirit, excellent working relationships, breakthrough business results, and the confident heart of a real leader. This is accomplished through a transformational journey of self-discovery that allows you to create a “cooperative advantage” with your key allies and colleagues.  Learn More »

UnMask Your Natural Leader Program – Bend, Oregon

In this 8 session, 90-day program, you will rediscover your lost passion and purpose for the contribution you want to make and learn how to renegotiate your role to simultaneously find more joy in your work and bring more value to your organization. Through the process of experimenting with your self-imposed limits on what you believe to be permissible, you will step into your own authentic mastery and autonomy. Learn More »

Executive Coaching:

Our executive coaching services offer you a private, safe dialogue to enhance your personal productivity and organizational performance while balancing the demands for results with your need for personal well-being and fulfillment.  You may find that this work is an ideal supplement to any of our other offers.  Learn More »

Team Facilitation:

We assist your teams resolve their challenges in working together effectively. We customize and apply our best trust-building and performance enhancing practices to your most important concerns so you can achieve breakthrough results while learning the practices of the most highly accomplished individuals and teams. Learn More »

Organizational Performance Consulting:

Our Organizational Performance Consulting will help you assess what’s missing in the pursuit of your next level of success. Whether we use a formal culture values assessment through the Barrett Values Centre or simply listen deeply to what you already know is not working, we help you implement customized change initiatives to achieve your company’s desired objectives.  Depending upon the needs of your organization, we help you build upon the core strengths of your organization, align your mission, vision, and values, and engage everyone in a common direction throughout your organization – all as a means of transforming your culture through leadership mastery. Learn More »

Speaking Engagements:

Our unique approach to leadership mastery can be woven into any topic or agenda that you need to emphasize or bring to life. Our presentations are designed to shift your people’s focus from their stories of limitation to their ability to consistently transform themselves by addressing their day to day problems while developing the skills that are most meaningful to them. Learn More »

Product Warranty:

LionHeart guarantees our products and services.  If you are ever dissatisified with our services in the form of consulting, coaching, products or programs, we will do whatever it takes to make it right with you.

“LionHeart worked with my telecom company in the 1990s and with CorSource between 2004 –2009. In both instances they developed a company-wide personal accountability system, helped us build a culture committed to continuous process improvement, and worked with my senior team to develop key operational strategies and effective conflict resolution methodologies. They produce results with integrity.”
- Rich Pierce, CEO CorSource Technology Group Inc.

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