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Through our ongoing support you can achieve improved performance to your bottom line while expanding your contribution to the world. We assist you in better understanding your organization’s current culture and help you identify where improvements will strengthen your cooperative advantage, as opposed to be limited to grasping for competitive advantage.

“LionHeart worked with my telecom company in the 1990s and with CorSource between 2004 –2009. In both instances they developed a company-wide personal accountability system, helped us build a culture committed to continuous process improvement, and worked with my senior team to develop key operational strategies and effective conflict resolution methodologies. They produce results with integrity.”   Rich Pierce, CEO CorSource Technology Group Inc.

It is no secret to the most forward thinking leaders that culture drives performance.  In Corporate Culture and Performance, John P. Kotter and James L. Heskett show that companies with strong adaptive cultures, based on shared values outperformed other companies by a significant margin. Over an eleven-year period companies that emphasized shared values with all their stakeholders grew four times faster and had job creation rates seven times higher than their counterparts.  Most impressively, these companies’ stock prices grew 12 times faster and their profit performance was 750 times higher than the companies that did not manage their cultures proactively!

Our culture assessments often begin with extensive interviews with you and your key people.  We also can include simple-to-administer online organizational surveys that illuminate the matches and discrepancies between your people’s personal values and your current values in practice, as well as the matches and discrepancies between your current values in practice and the values your people desire in order to become a higher performing organization.   

Additionally, these learnings are mapped onto the 7 levels of organizational consciousness necessary to optimize your financial performance and mission impact.  You will also see how much entropy or waste your people report in your current culture due to the potentially limiting values that are unfortunately in play. Ultimately, these initial assessments provide a baseline to measure how your culture is becoming stronger over time.  And what you can measure you can manage!

Once we have completed our assessment, we recommend an initial scope of work to address your immediate concerns and give you an experience of working with us so you can evaluate our credibility. Once we are both confident that a longer term engagement is in your best interests, we develop a set of objectives, scope of work, and budget that guides our relationship. 

Our engagements are always a customized blend of our services and programs, as well as the creative innovations we come up with in partnership with you so that we specifically address your unique situation. 

To begin the conversation please contact us.  To obtain a deeper understanding of the benefits of measuring and managing your organizational values we suggest you explore the various articles and tools available through the Barrett Values Centre at


“When I began working with LionHeart I was spending way too many hours doing too much of the project planning for my team. LionHeart’s approach to both business and personal leadership growth was outstanding – I learned to set boundaries consistent with my values and we designed a project management system that empowered my team to succeed. This has helped identify key talent within our office, and has allowed us to grow. Both their executive coaching and leadership retreat focus on what really matters in your business, and helps you explore meaningful professional and personal growth on your own terms, providing truly enduring change.”
- Scott Franklin, CEO PACLAND

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