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The Personal Approach to Business Success

Through an executive coaching relationship you will achieve an enriching, transformational improvement to your business results, your organization’s culture, and your own personal vitality.

“When I began working with LionHeart I was spending way too many hours doing too much of the project planning for my team. LionHeart’s approach to both business and personal leadership growth was outstanding – I learned to set boundaries consistent with my values and we designed a project management system that empowered my team to succeed. This has helped identify key talent within our office, and has allowed us to grow. Both their executive coaching and leadership retreat focus on what really matters in your business, and helps you explore meaningful professional and personal growth on your own terms, providing truly enduring change.”  Scott Franklin, CEO PacLand

This work will provide you with a confidential opportunity to learn new ways of thriving in an environment of expanding responsibilities and unusually challenging business scenarios. Your coaching agenda can include strategic initiative implementation…organizational performance…team creativity and collaboration…conflict resolution…accountability and performance management…delegation…developing leadership in others…time management…managing stress and personal well-being…succession planning…and many other topics.

The coaching process is always customized to meet your intentions, learning style, business challenges, and budget.

Once we clarify your intentions, we focus on your immediate challenges and opportunities, as the means to achieving your long- term goals. We help you access your own wisdom and find the answers to your toughest problems. We also provide insight and tools to help you develop capabilities you will use for the rest of your career.

Ultimately, our coaching serves as a catalyst between your talent and commitment, and your business’ most compelling opportunities. If you are so inclined, you can continuously stretch yourself to achieve higher and higher levels of excellence, and experience a level of leadership mastery you never realized was possible.

Depending upon your agenda, your return on investment can be substantial in several ways:

  • immediate financial results frequently occur for your business
  • your stress level and related illnesses can be greatly diminished or eliminated
  • your leadership skills grow for the future success of your business
  • your organization’s vitality and culture improves from your new approach
  • your harmony with your family often improves as a wonderful by product

Giving yourself regular time with an insightful coach, who is totally committed to your success, is one of the wisest investments you can make.

“In addition to all the business improvements and personal changes supported by our relationship with LionHeart, our working environment has become enriched. We’ve developed our ability to speak to one another about what is really going on in the moment. Instead of awkward conversations that are brushed over or avoided, we value open, authentic, face-to-face communication where issues are solved because they are faced and relationships are deepened through mutual support and honesty.”
- Mary Roberts, CEO Rejuvenation, Inc

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