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Whether start up leaders, new executives who’ve inherited toxic cultures, or industry game changers in a cause that matters to them, our clients share one common theme: an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Since 1983, we’ve helped thousands of leaders bring the best out of themselves and others. Our passionate commitment is to work with you to create a trusting, collaborative culture through open, honest, respectful communication. We facilitate the real conversations necessary to ensure you have strong values alignment and a high performing culture.  This allows you to achieve operational excellence, strategic alignment, and breakthrough results.

Free Your Tongue, Free Your Team

I recently had an amazing experience with a group of people, strangers to each other, but gathered for a common purpose – to explore the inner journey of leadership. The group had been meeting for a few months and all expressed some version of a profound change in their relationships with their workmates, family, friends and themselves.

Yet, there was something still holding the group back a bit when it came to being completely authentic with each other.

In this session, the main topic was Growing Through Failure. In other words, how to really face those situations that carry some sense of regret and the fear of going there again. Shame and fear have a field day with perceived failures in the human experience. The overlay for this session was using non-violent communication to speak about what happened and how one feels about it. This requires a willingness and ability to speak authentically and self-responsibly without blaming ourselves or others.

We were working through a past and current failure situation with one of the participants, when another person in the group spoke up about what she was hearing from him. She started by sharing that she was “afraid to say this” yet needed to speak what was true and alive for her. With great compassion, she told the other person how his pattern of staying in his story of “why” he was failing resulted in her (the truth speaker) feeling separated from him. What she really wanted was a deep connection with his beautiful heart.

Her courageous vulnerability broke through the barrier and allowed him to share his own fears honestly without the old tape running.

The truth speaker went on to share about her new awareness of herself as a leader – the gift of a heart big enough to love everyone no matter how difficult they seemed to her. Feedback from people in her past told her she was harsh with her criticisms and difficult to approach. This was the “failure” with which she struggled.

The real magic is what happened to the rest of the group. First one, then several participants shared honestly about their own reservations and ways they had been holding back. The common theme was how not sharing their true feelings and needs was diminishing their experience and learning opportunity. The result was a new enthusiasm and commitment from the whole group. The positive energy pick up was palpable and contagious.

Even this high performing group of committed seekers and learners found a new level of community and unity with one another because of the courage of one member to speak honestly, respectfully and blamelessly about her truth. The old axiom of “let the truth set you free” proved absolutely spot on in this case.

Free your team to authentically speak about the real issues by freeing your own tongue to speak about yours. It works!