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Whether start up leaders, new executives who’ve inherited toxic cultures, or industry game changers in a cause that matters to them, our clients share one common theme: an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Since 1983, we’ve helped thousands of leaders bring the best out of themselves and others. Our passionate commitment is to work with you to create a trusting, collaborative culture through open, honest, respectful communication. We facilitate the real conversations necessary to ensure you have strong values alignment and a high performing culture.  This allows you to achieve operational excellence, strategic alignment, and breakthrough results.

Cooperative Advantage: How 1+1 becomes 3

Paul Werder (blog image)Innovative business leaders create synergistic breakthroughs when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Everyone strives for this, but it only occurs when potent cooperation unlocks the collective intelligence and passion of the right mix of people.

Is this you? – Is your organization a market or niche leader facing a dynamic environment that is “firing on all cylinders” to achieve its highest aspirations?  It is, if you are able to:

  • Realize your best possible future by capitalizing on your network of trust
  • Inspire and empower your emerging leaders to rise above their sense of limitation to make the unique contributions only they can make
  • Ensure you have high performing teams that consistently innovate and execute in ways that make it possible for everyone around them to perform better
  • Create a purposeful, values-driven culture that supports ongoing optimal financial performance
  • Collaborate with key partners to create new and promising value propositions

The Challenge – Unfortunately, 1 + 1 doesn’t always even add up to 2.  In our worst scenarios we try to work around dysfunctional teams and politically toxic cultures.  In better scenarios, many of us are running faster and harder to keep up, sustained peak performance is elusive, and our unconscious efforts are producing harmful side effects.  Collectively, we are not achieving anywhere near what’s possible, stress is pervasive, and more than two thirds of U.S. employees are disengaged. This is because our overly competitive conditioning permeates our:

Strategies – Focusing on gaining Competitive Advantage by defeating others
Structures – Where individual functions and levels often work at cross purposes
Behaviors – Stemming from conditioned reactions that create deep mistrust
Rewards – Often extrinsic and individual that miss the larger purpose

Without an in-depth understanding of the possibilities of humanity at its best, we honor the lone genius, have the perception that human nature is selfish, and believe a “survival of the fittest” narrative.  However, we now have growing evidence that such perspectives are misleading.  In the words of researcher, Keith Sawyer, “the lone genius is a myth; it is group genius that generates breakthrough innovation.”   …continue reading “Cooperative Advantage: How 1+1 becomes 3″