UnMask Your Natural Leader Program – Bend, Oregon

Staying True to Your Values, Passion and Purpose at Work

Are you one of the many in our workforce who are not engaged at work or desperately wanting more from the tremendous level of effort you put out?

When we slip into the dominant “get it done” business mindset where the organization feels like a machine and we are the drones focused on doing, we forget about the harder, but richer, stuff of business: trust, mutual respect, and loving our work. Unhealthy stress is rampant. Attention to employee satisfaction and well being is compromised. Genuine creativity is largely squashed by the need to “look good” in the eyes of management for the sake of….what exactly?

Brain science studies identify the key ingredients to employee engagement are autonomy, mastery and purpose. These are sorely missing for most employees today – only because most people don’t know how to reclaim their power to renegotiate the future.

During this 90-day program, we will help you reconnect with your highest purpose, values and passion. By learning and fine-tuning a few key competencies, you will learn how to take off your company mask, discover your authentic self, regain your autonomy and experience the joy of making the contribution you are meant to make.

You will also experiment with our 5 minutes per day mastery practice that will allow you to deepen these lessons long after most programs fade into your distant memory.


  • 8 bi-weekly sessions on Wednesday mornings from 8 to 11 am starting on March 1st and ending June 14th in Bend. Enrollment is capped at 12 participants to assure everyone receives focused learning and coaching on the areas of development most important to them.
  • A one-on-one coaching session during the 90 days following the program to develop your personal UnMasking Your Inner Leader Plan


  • Mar 1st: Session 1 – Getting to know each other
    • Forming our community
    • Unity building model
    • What is leadership and why does it matter?
    • Who are you as a leader today?
  • Mar 15th: Session 2 – Transforming your leadership experience
    • Your Highest Goal
    • Experiencing a powerful practice of self-reflection
    • Wisdom Groups
  • Mar 29th: Session 3 – Transforming your leadership experience
    • Understanding your cycles of struggle and the high road forward
    • Turning Breakdowns into Breakthroughs
  • Apr 12th: Session 4 – Trusting, Collaborative Teams
    • Impeccable Work Flows – Building trust while getting important things done
    • Holding others accountable
  • May 3rd: Session 5 – Trusting, Collaborative Teams
    • Listening with an open mind and heart
  • May 17th: Session 6 – Trusting, Collaborative Teams
    • Overcoming Immunity to Change
    • Growing from Your Mistakes
  • May 31st: Session 7 – Making It Happen; Results That Matter
    • Setting Priorities
    • Moving others to action
    • Achieving Results
  • Jun 14th: Session 8 – Vision for the future
    • Celebration
    • Keeping it alive practices


The program is designed to provide deep learning, coaching and tools to help you redefine success at work in your terms. It is highly interactive so you will learn from your teammates in the program, as well as the facilitator, using your real life experiences as the context for applying the tools. To support that learning, the following expertise and materials are included:

  • Program leader’s 40 years of success leading companies and consulting with business leaders
  • Mastering Effectiveness Leadership Guidebook – chapter on each key competency with self-assessments and exercises to practice toward mastery
  • CD of leadership stories and case studies using the competencies


  • $1695 with an early bird offer of $1295 if enrolled by February 15th
  • $995 for non-profit organizations
  • Group discounts are available depending on group size


Contact Dan Duggan at dand@lionhrt.com or 503-730-8982 or go to our Contact Us » page on this website

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