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Whether it’s a small group in a “Friday Brown Bag” setting or a more formal opening to your big meeting, we can provide you with an inspiring, practical, and in-depth experience of your selected leadership theme. We bring a level of heartfelt authenticity that allows your audience to connect with our message and the humble way we deliver it. Our message always builds on the five leadership principles that we have found most liberating for people who are seeking more success and fulfillment in their work:

  1. Struggle is Unnecessary
  2. Intention is the Key
  3. Obstacles are the Stepping Stones to Growth
  4. Wisdom is Always Available
  5. Loving our Work Creates Real Value

Whenever possible, we deliver our talks with an interactive approach that brings the wisdom out of the group and engages their hearts in the necessity of putting our lessons into practice. Your people will leave with new ideas of what’s possible, as well as, new tools to pursue these expanded possibilities.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Mastering Effectiveness coaching session on listening with an open heart. You both have a beautiful way of expressing your message and I intend to listen to the recording again to pick up the many nuances in your comments. I found you both profound. Many thanks.”

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