Mastering Effectiveness

Is Your Investment in People Actually Paying Off?

“Mastering Effectiveness is deeply rooted in the heart and it truly alters your perspective about working from your most important values. This program has been the best investment I have ever made for growing my company and the people I serve.”    Bruce Svela, Sr. VP Regional Manager, Eagle Home Mortgage

Are you a talented person who has brief but unpleasant moments of ineffectiveness?

Do you ever feel frustrated with looming deadlines when the day ends, and you didn’t get done what you’d planned?

Do you avoid conversations you know you need to have with people, who aren’t working with you effectively?

Do you have trouble sleeping at night, stressing out over repetitive problems that you can never really escape from?

Has your natural enthusiasm for work been replaced with a dread feeling in your gut?

Do you want to feel more satisfaction in your successes but can’t put your finger on exactly what’s missing?

You want to make a difference, contribute, and have your work mean something. Yet we get worn down by the routine, get stopped short of our goals, and sometimes let obstacles diminish our hope and enthusiasm. When the urgent takes over, what’s most important gets compromised, and your heart withers, longing for what you don’t believe is possible. These experiences are often called “business as usual,” but are really signs that effectiveness is missing.

A way forward …..

The good news: you can learn to master effectiveness for your most challenging moments. With practice, you can unconsciously access the competencies you need to produce the results that matter to you. We know you already possess the basic equipment. You can improve your performance and reduce your stress quickly if you have the right tools. To make that a whole lot easier, the LionHeart team has distilled what we’ve learned and practiced over the past 25 years down to 10 Core Competencies for Mastering Effectiveness. We offer you these tools in a unique Coaching Companion and Self-Study Guide.

The 10 Competencies….

  1. Well-Being and Vitality – you can’t become effective without the energy and balance necessary to do the work of personal continuous improvement. And burning yourself out is a sure sign of ineffectiveness.
  2. Accessing Inner Wisdom – the old saying, “you won’t be given more than you can handle” is true, but you just don’t believe it when you’re stuck. This competency allows you to find your way through any obstacle.
  3. Telling the Truth – honesty is the best policy. Easy to say, hard to do when you fear the truth will only make things worse. You can learn how to respectfully speak about the things that are really important to you – without compromising your values.
  4. Impeccable Agreements – solving the same problem over and over again indicates a lack of clear expectations and actionable agreements. When you insert the “must” elements of an agreement into your problem solving conversations, you will see action and better results immediately.
  5. Growing through Failure – disappointments happen. You sometimes fall short of what you expect of yourself and others. When you face failure responsibly, learn from it, and quickly get back in the game, you accelerate your journey towards success, instead of allow it to become a detour.
  6. Listening with an Open Mind – wisdom and influence come from listening first and speaking second. When you engage others with the intention of learning rather than pushing an agenda, you will develop richer relationships and make better decisions.
  7. Holding Others Accountable – it’s frustrating when others miss their commitments. It’s even more disheartening when we let the fear of confrontation diminish our standards of excellence. You can learn the art of the difficult conversation that builds trust, creates openness, and expands your mutual commitment to excellence.
  8. Transformational Problem Solving – our toughest problems require us to dig deep for answers. You can use these problems to bring you deeper wisdom, greater confidence, and freedom from the thought patterns that have historically held you back. Each time you move through this process, you become more prepared for your next set of challenges.
  9. Moving Others to Action – influential leaders get things done with and through others by igniting the passion that is already in everyone. When you engage the hearts and minds of your team, your colleagues, and even those with authority, you will accelerate your collaborative and creative pursuit of the best outcomes for the most people.
  10. Achieving Results – this is the point of the first nine competencies. You can build your capacity for sustainable success by learning to achieve the necessary results with the resources and time available. Your business model will become more resilient when you embrace a healthy approach to goal setting, continuous improvement, and strategic reinvention.

Sound attractive? Here’s how it works….

The Mastering Effectiveness guide is available as a spiral bound hard copy with CD or an easy to download 104 page .pdf file with MP3 audios that accompany each chapter.  Each chapter of the guide provides a clear explanation of one competency and how to practice mastering it.

You decide what approach works best for you. You work at your own pace – by yourself or in a learning group of your own creation. You can choose to tackle all the competencies in order, pick the ones that call to you first, work on the one that fits what you are struggling with now, or…..

Here’s what you receive …
  • The 104 page Coaching Companion and Self-Study Guide to walk you through the principles and application steps for each competency.
  • A self-assessment matrix in each chapter to track your progress with each competency on a 5-point continuum from “struggle with” to “mastery”.
  • Twelve 7–12 minute audios by the LionHeart team that bring each competency to life, with client success stories and skits that illustrate how you can gain from mastering the competency.
  • 25 exercises sprinkled throughout the guide designed to help you develop each competency until you are unconsciously bringing it forth when you need it. Transformation takes practice. Practice leads to mastery..

What is the investment for all of this?

Our intention is make our methods for mastery available to as many people in business as possible. We realize not everyone is able to participate in our programs, nor can we personally reach every employee in our consulting engagements with corporate clients.

So, we offer you our Mastering Effectiveness Program in an electronic downloadable format for $69.00; or $79.00 in a hard copy format.  Either way, you get the same great program: workbook, and audio.


Once your order has been accepted, you will immediately receive an email with the link and password to download the workbook and audios or a confirmation that your hard copy will be sent within a few days. You will then be on our coaching list for the quarterly coaching teleconferences. We will email you reminders in advance of the next call. That’s all there is to it.

What if I want more personal support?

Good question! Most people find personal coaching very beneficial when they want to get through a particularly difficult obstacle or clarify the subtleties of a particular competency. You can call us anytime for a brief conversation at no charge or design a coaching plan that best supports your intentions and budget. Together we will decide what results you want to achieve and design a coaching plan to get you there.

I own or manage a company and this sounds great for my team….

Over the years, many of our clients have sent numerous people to our programs with excellent results. They have seen the culture in their company transform in a way that sustains and expands the value they provide their customers. Because of those results, they want to have more of their employees participate, but cost and time become a barrier.

You can use our Self-Study Guide to affordably expand the LionHeart impact within your organization.

You can have teams organize into self-study wisdom groups. You can also enhance a team’s performance and professional growth by bringing a LionHeart team member in to meet with the group on a regular basis to support the implementation of your strategy or improvement initiatives. This can be done in person or via teleconference.

Please join us on the journey to mastering effectiveness….

We began searching for effectiveness years ago. And we’re still on that journey, growing and learning every day. We built our toolkit in response to what we found people struggling with over and over again. Our lives and our work are immeasurably better as a result. We sincerely want the same for you. Life is too short to spend it wishing it was different.

Call us at 503-659 3532 or contact us.

Enjoy your journey and make your contribution count – that’s what matters

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“Mastering Effectiveness is excellent. I’ve made sure all of my employees have a copy and are using it because it helps us to work together in a more harmonious way – and it provides something we can refer to quickly to keep the LionHeart methods alive in our daily experience.”
- Sharon McFarland Burrus, CEO, Emerita

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