Client Testimonials and Success Stories

We have been blessed to work with many wonderful people. It is very gratifying when they choose to take their journey on the High Road to Success with us. Here is what some of them have said:

Business Executives:

“LionHeart unlocks people’s ability to do what they had not yet been able to do, allowing the whole organization to grow. If you trust their coaching process, it’s absolutely magical – and will help you get to a place beyond what you thought possible.”

Laura McKinney, CEO Galois Inc.

“The Leadership Program was an unexpected positive experience of self-discovery.  My internal desire to change brought me to a place of giving up control, listening better, and owning mistakes so that I can learn and improve my approach.”

David Baker, President  Equity Home Mortgage

“My professional growth resulted in encouraging team members who love their jobs to thrive from finding their own answers.  The huge bonus is that I am sleeping better, worrying less, and trusting myself more than ever.  The LionHeart Leadership Program came along at an ideal time for me, though I would not have known that at the start.

Trudy Toliver, Executive Director  Portland Farmers Market

“Mastering Effectiveness is deeply rooted in the heart and it truly alters your perspective about working from your most important values. This program has been the best investment I have ever made for growing my company and the people I serve.”

Bruce Svela, Sr. VP Regional Manager, Eagle Home Mortgage

“Mastering Effectiveness is excellent. I’ve made sure all of my employees have a copy and are using it because it helps us to work together in a more harmonious way – and it provides something we can refer to quickly to keep the LionHeart methods alive in our daily experience.”

Sharon McFarland Burrus, CEO, Emerita

“LionHeart worked with my telecom company in the 1990s and with CorSource between 2004 –2009. In both instances they developed a company-wide personal accountability system, helped us build a culture committed to continuous process improvement, and worked with my senior team to develop key operational strategies and effective conflict resolution methodologies. They produce results with integrity.”

Rich Pierce, CEO CorSource Technology Group Inc.

“LionHeart’s Mastering Effectiveness Guide is superb. Just reading it for the first time deflated my emotional upset immediately. Thankfully, I was able to walk into a tough meeting with my partners as a different human being than I would have been if I hadn’t read through these concepts. It’s powerful material.”

Don Petersen Chairman and CEO, Premiera Care LLC

“When I began working with LionHeart I was spending way too many hours doing too much of the project planning for my team. LionHeart’s approach to both business and personal leadership growth was outstanding – I learned to set boundaries consistent with my values and we designed a project management system that empowered my team to succeed. This has helped identify key talent within our office, and has allowed us to grow. Both their executive coaching and leadership retreat focus on what really matters in your business, and helps you explore meaningful professional and personal growth on your own terms, providing truly enduring change.”

Scott Franklin, CEO PACLAND

“When I started this course, “speaking from the heart” was a concept that was completely foreign to me. The word heart in relationship to business caused my palms to sweat or for me to quickly change the subject. Nowhere in my learning about how to succeed in business had I been taught to include compassion or anything connected to the heart. What I realize now is I’d been missing the immense power of engagement and enrollment that speaking from the heart possesses. Working in the field of sustainability it’s easy to get into debating sustainability, usually making others wrong. This past year, having compassion in my approach encourages people to “get it” in their own way. Some incredible results have happened coming from “my heart.”

Amy Spatrisano, Owner Meeting Strategies Worldwide

“I am confident now. A year ago I didn’t think I could do what was described in the LionHeart capability profile, and now I know I absolutely can. I feel like a new person who’s able to embrace huge opportunities – from teaching a course on “green meetings” at George Washington University to supporting my 18 year old son through his first election when not one of his candidates or initiatives was successful. Regardless of what happens we can always make a difference!”

Nancy Wilson, Owner Meeting Strategies Worldwide

“I learned my job is so much more than leading by example. My role is to grow the next generation of leaders. The LionHeart program was out of my comfort zone to begin with, but once I dove in, I was really happy with my results. It’s a great course!”

Steve Diess, CEO   Independent Actuaries Inc.

“The LionHeart retreat felt like the best week of my life. That’s a strong statement, but I’ve never before encountered the clarity and peace of mind that came to me while I was examining my business challenges through the five principles LionHeart uses in their approach to coaching – it was powerful, profound, and gratifying.”

Nancy White, CEO Custom Interface Inc.

“The leadership program exceeded my expectations now that I look back on the tremendous growth I’ve had in the last year. The surprise is the subtle but deepening confidence I now feel in myself.”

Paul Agrimis, Vigil-Agrimis Design Professionals

“In addition to all the business improvements and personal changes supported by our relationship with LionHeart, our working environment has become enriched. We’ve developed our ability to speak to one another about what is really going on in the moment. Instead of awkward conversations that are brushed over or avoided, we value open, authentic, face-to-face communication where issues are solved because they are faced and relationships are deepened through mutual support and honesty.

Mary Roberts, CEO Rejuvenation, Inc

“I was just listening to the recording of the last Mastering Effectiveness call and wanted to say thank you again for your great support. I’m always humbled to listen to my own ramblings at these times, but your clear and concise feedback and coaching was very inspiring. I’m looking forward to the next call.”

Jim Brosseau, Owner, Living Spoonful, Inc.

“I’ve learned to be strong enough to avoid working with clients who used to take advantage of me. We’ve reduced our wasted time activity due to “scope creep” by $35,000 and I’ve discontinued unworkable client relationships while increasing sales by 10%. Instead of feeling overwhelmed I now know how to pause and discover the real cause of what’s not working. I’ve discovered courage through LionHeart’s approach to leadership.”

Don Cushing, Owner Don Cushing Associates

 “The LionHeart leadership program was deep and meaningful. I have learned to rely on my inner knowing to address my business challenges and my confidence has grown tremendously.”

Zenana-Renee Rose,  Zenana Spa

“LionHeart’s approach to leadership is not a checklist of activities that is the same cookie cutter approach for everyone. It’s using the tools of leadership – self reflection, deep listening, and trusting that your heart has the answers for any situation.”

Libby Moore, President, Independent Actuaries Inc.

“We find ourselves saying “thank God for Dan” a lot. His coaching has enabled us to focus on what is really important at work and in life and to help our employees do the same. He has given us tools that help us get to the root of any problem. Because of Dan, we are getting rave reviews about our leadership from our employees.”

Kelly Neill, Owner, Independent Actuaries, Inc.

“This experience far exceeds any business workshop or self-improvement course I have taken in 30 years of business learning. When you recognize it’s time for your organization to take the next big step but are not sure what it is…start with this Renewal workshop.”

John McCreedy, President, HealthCard Systems

The Leadership Renewal workshop we did many years ago still brings me value to this day, one of the few efforts of that kind that does.”

Chris Laszlo, Partner, Sustainable Value Partners LLC

“I am very thankful and grateful for the LionHeart training I received a few years ago. When I enrolled in the leadership program I had no idea how life changing that experience would be for me. I use LionHeart nearly every day either consciously or subconsciously, and can’t imagine not having the tools you gave me…and appreciate the inspirational emails that you continue to send along. They remind me of my place in the world.”

Rose Holden CEO Oregon City Golf Club

Client Success Stories

We do not take credit for our clients’ successes. We are grateful, however, when our work acts as a catalyst in an organization that is ready to achieve breakthrough results. Here are a few examples:

Powell’s City of Books

Internet Business Unit Achieves $15 Million/Year Pace in Profitable Sales in Just 36 Months

LionHeart assisted the leadership team of Powell’s Books, the world’s largest used book retailer, to see the growth potential of online sales before any of us knew the possibilities inherent in the internet. Through ongoing facilitation of the task force we developed to pursue an “impossible goal” a new profit center was created.

Hughes Space and Communications

High Technology Margins Dramatically Improved Through Faster Time-to-Delivery

When intense competition began driving down prices for multi-million dollar communications satellite systems, LionHeart’s executive coaching and team development helped a group of 50 skeptical engineers seriously commit to a radically new process. The program team successfully slashed the cycle time for integration and testing by almost 60%, from a best ever 31 weeks to a dramatic 18 weeks.

The Leatherman Tool Group

The Inability to Meet Booming Customer Demand Transformed to 100% of the Production Schedule Achieved

When the company had difficulty meeting its ever increasing master production schedule year after year, LionHeart quickly ignited a strategic planning process, helped reduce inter-departmental conflict, facilitated problem-solving training, and created a spirit of collaboration and accountability. The unified organization was then able to meet the schedule to the owner’s definition, and consistently provide on-time delivery to their customers.

Rejuvenation Inc.

The Manufacturing Division Recovers $500K of Lost Profitability

After moving their manufacturing operations into a new facility and installing a new information system, Rejuvenation, a specialty lighting manufacturer and retail/catalogue company, took a major hit to their bottom line. LionHeart provided leadership development, executive coaching and teambuilding. A system of accountability was created and LionHeart enhanced performance management skills, helping the company return to its previous level of profitability.

More Testimonials

Non-Profit Executives:

“When I took over my responsibilities as a CEO the past two years, I had no idea what level of overhaul would be needed in our organizational culture and customer service. With LionHeart’s help we’ve instituted an organizational excellence system for our staff, professionalized our board functioning and effectively retained only the people who are committed to our vision and the highest standards of excellence. It has not been an easy journey and I am very grateful to have had LionHeart’s help through this transformational process. The change has been dramatic.”

Dr. Kory Ward-Cook, CEO National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

“I woke up in the middle of the night and everything was clear. I’d been trying to fix something that was unsustainable and I had to tell the truth to myself, my board and our staff – regardless. We’re now focusing on the few services we do better than anyone and letting go of the rest. LionHeart sparked radical change that was long overdue and is opening the door to a promising future.”

Eric Brown, Executive Director YWCA of Greater Portland

“I attribute much of what I have accomplished and become over the years to our work together and our friendship. Thank you for all you do and for pushing me to grow and “remember” even when it is uncomfortable to do so.”

William “Mac” Beckner, MIS VP, Operations and Technology Samueli Institute

“As CEO of a nonprofit organization, I found it key to work with LionHeart in personal and skill development. Their input, coaching, and honest feedback have made a huge difference in my leadership style…which in turn impacts my organization, staff, volunteers, and the community we serve.”

Greg Pang, Executive Director Community Home Health and Hospice

“I’ve been meaning to write you a fan letter ever since the meeting in Seattle. I thought your work was enormously effective and very beneficial for NCCAOM’s common good. Each time I’ve seen you facilitate a group, I’ve been quite impressed with your ability to navigate in difficult currents and keep the group making progress. I was singing your praises just yesterday during a discussion with a couple of friends about promoting “highest intention” discourse about health care reform. We are trying to experiment with vision and strategy sharing across ideological divides. We are convinced that there is a common good to be enlarged, but failures at the ideological interface seem instead to shrink the common good.”

Michael Garland, Board Member National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

“We’ve recognized that the importance of the work of the AANP at this critical time in the integrative healthcare movement demanded our best level of excellence. After two sessions using the LionHeart principles, we are much better prepared to have the impact we are all committed to. Thanks for your insightful help.”

Carl Hangee-Bauer, President, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

“My effectiveness (professional and personal) has improved significantly since my involvement with LionHeart Consulting. I have had supervisors, board members, colleagues and even direct reports comment on the positive changes I have made in my leadership over the last two years. While it is satisfying to feel and see the changes myself – it is really great to have unsolicited compliments! I am a more confident leader and I credit LionHeart for providing the space and support to allow me to be true to my heart.”

Linda Nilson-Solares, Executive Director Project Access Now

“Thank you very much for your coaching on how to have that difficult conversation with my employee. I kept my highest intention before me as we talked. What surprised me so much was how easy it was! I was so nervous about it for months and months, yet when we talked it felt honest, frank and open and not hard at all. Thank you for the new tools. I’m sure I’ll be pulling them out on a regular basis.”

Vaune Albanese, Executive Director Friendly House, Inc.

“LionHeart shifted my thinking – and my heart. I’m far more effective as a manager, and have found a sense of clarity that I’ve been seeking for years. I’m extraordinarily grateful.”

Marta Mellinger, Executive Director Oregon Children’s Theater

“I have more confidence and passion for taking risks and inspiring people to take more effective action since the leadership program. My ability to trust my own wisdom is much stronger; and I now see the path forward to the future for my organization and myself much more clearly than before!

Mary Jane Hunt, Donate Life Northwest

“A year ago my fears often kept me from taking action. Now, I recognize my fears and deliberately go through them. Each time I do this I become more effective. I don’t get nearly as discouraged by the immensity of our job any more. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong in the world, I see that there are many people who have good hearts and want to make sustainability part of their business. My role as a leader is to help people turn this desire into action by recognizing the dignity in themselves and others.”

Regina Hauser, Executive Director, The Oregon Natural Step

“LionHeart’s work meets the high standards I’ve experienced in the TACS trainings I’ve participated in. This program helped me not only see what other non-profit executives do, but to also look introspectively at myself and see what I do and feel effects my organization.”

Wayne Miya, Executive Director Our House

“I am skeptical of consulting offers, but Mastering Effectiveness is better than any text like this I’ve seen. I think it would be helpful to any professional who is not able to work with LionHeart directly.”

Monica Reno, Board Member, NCBTMB

“I have been working for a great organization I deeply love. And now a new fabulous opportunity has come my way. I can truly say that if I hadn’t done this program, I’d be running away from the opportunity instead of welcoming my next set of challenges.”

Lorraine Williams, ED Hillsboro Downtown Association

Managers and Professionals:

“When I finished the LionHeart Leadership Program I knew my path had only begun.  I had gained great skills as a coach and leader, but was still spending much of my time responding to my peoples’ challenges that  I really wanted them to learn to take care of themselves.  I escaped from my predicament of enabling them with solutions to the same problems over and over again, when Paul and I designed an in-house version of the leadership program for my core leadership team.  They were skeptical to be sure, but within the first 3 months we had full buy-in and they were beginning to establish and experience the direct connection between the leadership mastery work we were doing and the metrics they were already accountable for.  They were just beginning to feel these results but I could sure feel them.  We had our best month in the past 3 years and the surprise was that it hadn’t felt crazy busy as would be expected.  I am excited about how committed my team is to their own development and our collective future.  Beyond that, I am now able to invest my time in higher leveraged activities that I’ve wanted and needed to engage in but simply did not have the time.”

Bill Peterson, Oregon District Manager, Eagle Home Mortgage

The LionHeart program is leadership done right. Personally, I am articulating my principles and what’s non-negotiable with more confidence. Clarity around the value I bring to the organization has allowed me to enlist the help of others and hold them accountable more effectively. My Results Project has made a significant impact in supporting the growth we’ve seen this year. We deliberately built a team of professionals to lead our increasing number of projects in our portfolio. A greater amount of high quality work is getting done, with more cooperation and less wasted energy. For me, the combination of personal growth and business results makes it the best leadership training I have received in my career.”

Chris Fahlbusch, Galois

“LionHeart’s Leadership Program provided me with so much more confidence in achieving and realizing what’s possible.   I’ve proven I can build an impassioned team of people dedicated to making healthy, local produce more affordable and available to struggling Oregon families.  We have 5,000 new users this year, local farmers’ sales have grown, and 80% of our markets are seeing an increase in lower income shoppers.  I’ve stretched myself both personally and professionally and now see opportunity where before I may have only seen failure or too much work.  Going forward, I am committed to hundreds of thousands, if not hundreds of millions of dollars being allocated to providing low income families better access to fresh, locally grown foods.  Previously, it was easy to get wrapped up in details or discouraged by setbacks, but now I fully see that this is more than my job, it’s food on the plates of our neighbors, and that’s my highest intention!”

Katie Furia, Program Manager, Farmers Market Fund

“I used to think that I could overcome any obstacle with organization and hard work – despite experiencing the burnout that should have indicated otherwise. Now I understand that the key is accessing my inner wisdom to understand what it is I really want to bring forth, and then committing to be a source for that in my organization. I find that I have much more energy to bring to my work and that I am more effective in connecting with others to create change.”

Kathy Brewer HP

“LionHeart’s transformational problem solving process is an amazing tool. The yearlong leadership program exceeded my expectations and I now feel more centered during challenging times and better prepared for what the future holds.”

Jef Bell,   Galois

“I led a cross-region, cross-agency group to run several pilot projects to add environmental considerations into Lean Manufacturing practices. Our first pilot company saved over $1,000,000 in time, material, and environmental costs annually. The project’s demands, complexity, and challenging team dynamics would have been very difficult for me to manage without the skills I learned during my LionHeart training – it made all the difference!”

Margit Bantowsky, Washington State Department of Ecology

“Working with Paul and the Mastering Effectiveness Program over the past 2 years has had a monumental impact on my career. He helped me become more successful in business and a happier human being. I have learned to incorporate the essence of the program into my everyday life.

Alex Bethancourt,  Paccess Global Inc.

“I never thought I wanted to be a leader, at least how I used to think about it. Now I can easily distinguish between the times it’s my turn to move things forward and the times it’s best to leave it to others. After the LionHeart program I feel I have increased my confidence by 200%”

Melissa Angeli, HR Manager   Galois Inc.

“My most meaningful accomplishment with the LionHeart program is to have begun a regular practice of remembrance. I’ve tried unsuccessfully for eleven years to establish a meditation routine, and have not been able to do it, largely because I have trouble clearing my mind. The practice of remembrance does not require that I clear my mind. It requires that I focus on my heart, which is so much more accessible to me.”

Robin Cope, Robin Cope Project Management

“My mentor created high expectations for this leadership program and you exceeded them and then some.  My confidence and ability to select my own course has unexpectedly grown.  I am also seeing myself as a teacher first and architect second, which has allowed me to slow down and think through what’s best for all involved.  Your own honesty and commitment to people is amazing.”

Jim Riley, Architect and Project Manager   Mackenzie

“Paul’s delivery of our Mastering Effectivenessexceeded my expectations. The book and subjects for each meeting were important, but having Paul take us through his own life experiences, show us real life applications, and then coach us through our own situations was fantastic. I felt changes within myself, but I also saw changes with the others in my group. BIG changes. One colleague began the class tense, skeptical, and closed, and over the first few months became a relaxed, positive mover/shaker. I think he grew 2 inches during the program! Another colleague went from working too many hours and missing out on his daughter’s growing up, to taking time off to lead her school on field trips. His attitude is much more relaxed and I am sure his performance at work has benefited from his new work/life balance. All very good stuff!!”

Branda Jurasek    Paccess Global Inc.

“Your ability to merge a business conversation with spirituality is astonishingThe leadership program was relevant, practical, and empowering without being at all ‘woo-woo.’  LionHeart has shown me how to accept more of myself and harness it in any endeavor – be it at work, at home, or at play.  As a result, I feel happier and more fully engaged as a professional, and as a human being.

Amy Spreadborough, Marketing Manager, Emerita

 “Your program was not what I expected but surprised me and offered more than I thought it would. I have successfully begun the transformation of our company sales culture. Thank you for a thoughtful approach to self-realization and leadership.”

Laura Hogan,   Rubber & Plastics Inc.

“I set out on a mission to solve a problem that had direct business results, only to learn I had a whole lot to learn before I could fully focus on that project. I learned a lot about perspective, and how to use the coaching model to frame situations. The leadership program was a really a path of self-discovery, and I was able to learn more about myself in the last year then I believe I’ve learned in the last five years.

One year later, I have a team of 25 people, in the truest sense of the word team. My annual review this year provided insights and feedback that my team truly sees me as their leader and provided constructive feedback for which I am excited about and already making progress on.

I am learning to trust my instincts and to take the time I need in remembrance to help gain strength, courage and the wisdom to speak my mind and lead. I had such an issue with the idea of failure or with making the “wrong” decisions, and now I am working on embracing the fall should I make a decision that wasn’t the best one to make.

I’m a key member of the management team, speaking up and adding value to our weekly meetings and helping to manage and shape the business at the agency-level. A piece of critical feedback I was working on was finding a way to contribute to the meetings, think on my feet and speak my mind. I find myself as a much more active participant not only in the meetings but in leading smaller tiger teams on subjects that our management team has decided are important to us this year.

Thank you both for such a great experience this last year! I intend to stay in touch as I think our paths have many reasons to cross in the future.”

Amy Bowdish   AHA! Marketing and Communications

 “Mastering Effectiveness provided me with invaluable tools that helped me identify the issues that were preventing me from fully realizing my business goals. I absolutely love how LionHeart systematically dismantles the typical business paradigm with its powerful and practical approach to transformational leadership.

Kris Kennet, Aon Risk Insurance Services West

“The LionHeart Leadership Program was life changing! The practice of remembrance and keeping my work relationships at the forefront of all of my responsibilities brought me an internal experience of peace that others notice.”

Brett Asmann     ColumbiaCare Services Inc.

“Your yearlong program helped me find my voice and be more at ease with bringing my unique talents to a leadership role. The result from incorporating more spirituality in my life is improved balance, decreased anxiety, and more creativity.

Pamela Fiehn,   AHA! Marketing and Communications

“I loved this leadership program because I learned that my value is not in ‘what I do’ but in ‘who I am.’ I have a lot of passion for being a servant leader who’s priority focus is to help people.”

Rebecca Adams, Sr. Accounting Manager, Emerita

“LionHeart’s leadership program helped change my perceptions of my job and my abilities. When I started a year ago, I had myself tied up into a couple of neat little boxes, with labels like: “in training”, “middle-manager”, and “inexperienced.” The funny thing is, I didn’t even know about these boxes. I’d censor myself or second-guess myself based on these perceptions. No one around me was telling me to be quiet and no one was whispering in my ear that my ideas needed better planning. I wasn’t consciously telling myself this stuff – I just somehow believed it, knew it. Now, a year later, I have a vision and a plan for where I want my department to go. I speak with confidence because I am speaking from that vision and from my heart. Accepting the mantle of leadership makes me conscious of how I act. I am more thoughtful, and more careful. As a communicator, I am more conscious about how my message is being received. And, I am more honest when communicating my feelings to others. I have also realized that I can coach others. Thanks to the training I have received through LionHeart, I walk through my day with more confidence. I make decisions based on what fits with my vision and what my heart tells me, and if I don’t have either of those guides in that moment, I don’t make the decision.

When it was offered I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take this course, but if I’d known what it was really about at the beginning, I’d have begged my boss to go. I think my recent promotion is no coincidence. If you can be open to the lessons of the program, it can change your life.”

Beth Lyons, Powell’s City of Books

“After completing this yearlong exploration of how to lead from my heart, I’m struck by the greater clarity I now have at key decision points. I get to what is needed more directly by communicating the right message, with more attention and compassion for the recipient. This is far preferable to my earlier communication model which was abrupt and impatient, waiting for others to ‘get it’”.

Clark Brockman SERA Architects

“My expansion as a leader over this past year has been incredible. I’m now more focused on growing the people who work with me and I have a lot of confidence in my own instincts and where our organization needs to go. I’m letting others lead more and this is improving our actual results as well as my own sense of inner peace.

John McCalla Warn Industries

“After LionHeart’s yearlong leadership class I am a new person who looks at things much differently. I listen to others more consciously and am able to break the internal cycle of negativity that used to cause me a lot of unnecessary stress. In the past I felt like I had to know it all and often came off as ‘the general’. I am able to focus on the bigger issues and things come together for me much more easily. My relationships with customers are stronger and there’s a deeper level of trust all around. Work used to exhaust me – now it’s exciting. This program really did change my life.”

Nick Ademy Warn Industries

“I have had the privilege to attend great training in the past and this was truly an excellent retreat. I gained profound insights and grew — like the Grinch’s heart—several sizes bigger. Learning about my inner wisdom is a true gift. The best part for me was the elegant beauty of what we can access, and how we have it in ourselves —the lessons about opening to receive, and listening to our physical pains and following our emotions to the source of wisdom.”

John Klosterman Rejuvenation, Inc.

“LionHeart shifted my thinking – and my heart. I’m far more effective as a manager, and have found a sense of clarity that I’ve been seeking for years. I’m extraordinarily grateful.”

Paul Shirey, City of Milwaukie

“This was the best learning experience I have ever had. Others taught me how to improve what I do. This taught me how to improve me. I learned I am enough.”

Pierre LaChance, Director of IT, Kaiser Permanente CHR

“I was blown away with some of the coaching. I was surprised at how comfortable I was with myself and how I found a project I really wanted to do. The most impactful part for me was learning the practice of remembrance and realizing that I was able to get a message from my heart on how to deal with my challenges.”

Karen Bachman, Tonkin Torp

“It was an honor to observe the facilitators bring people to their point of growth with such incredible clarity. The LionHeart principles are fantastic – I had no idea what I was getting involved in, but I am so glad I came to this program. I am both excited and nervous as hell about my project – my experience during these two days allowed me to break through my self-constructed obstacles and see myself and my opportunities far more clearly.”

Paige Coleman, Kindle! Consulting

“LionHeart has given me tools that fuel my confidence as a leader.

Beth Allen, Beth Allen Consulting inc.

“I had a hard time getting my head around the idea of mastering effectiveness initially. But these discussions have really helped me with the tougher situations that come along from time to time. These tools have helped me be more effective. I even spoke to my wife about one of the ideas we discussed: It’s an irony, but the fastest way to get where you want to go will take the longest time. You need to slow down to reflect on your intentions along the way. This idea jumped out at me because it’s not just about the end goal. It’s also about your character at the end goal.”

Shawn Nguy P.E. PacLand

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Mastering Effectiveness coaching session on listening with an open heart. You both have a beautiful way of expressing your message and I intend to listen to the recording again to pick up the many nuances in your comments. I found you both profound. Many thanks.”


“I can’t speak for your other clients but you have made a big impact on the Andersons. Thank you from both of us and from our employees who would definitely thank you if they realized what support you’ve provided behind the scene. This December we were able to give out $105,000 in bonuses to our employees. I sat with each person and their manager, and acknowledged that it has been hard for the past two years. We acknowledged that when Anderson Brothers Inc is hurting, we understand that our individual employees are hurting too. We thanked everyone for their commitment and their hard work when we didn’t have bonuses to give. We also asked for any input or comments that they have. This took all day with no lunch. It was amazing and totally floored me. Seeing the immediate reaction and improvement in attitude was dramatic. There was a new sense of pride in everyone’s work and a feeling that everyone is part of what we are doing here no matter what position they hold.”

Sarah Anderson VP – Anderson Bros. Inc.

“LionHeart helped me overcome my fear of doing what I know is right. During this program my company has achieved our quality goal 8 out of 12 months, whereas we’d done it only 3 times in the previous 24 months. Now when people roll their eyes when I challenge our leaders to take on more aggressive goals, I respond with an exhilarating sense of power, possibility, and humility.”

Tim Prather, Quality Manager, Integrated Metal Components Inc.

“In December of 2001 I embarked on a 12 month leadership program with Paul Werder of LionHeart Consulting. Part of the process was to set goals for the coming year. I had been in real estate for nine years prior and only had average sales. I set my goal to double my business over the next twelve months and not only did I achieve that goal but increased my volume every year for the next 5 years. Now the last 3 years have been back to average but this year I’ll almost double over 2010. I attribute this to some of the methods learned in the leadership program: staying extremely positive, overcoming a fear of success, and be willing to go all out for my clients while still maintaining a high level of integrity and honesty.”

Michael Biehler, RE/MAX Equity Group

“I have to admit I felt a bit dead inside when I began this program. It was truly illuminating to see what my heart had inside – clarity, the strength to make decisions, hold people accountable, and stand up for my ethics. I now feel totally ready to pursue my life’s purpose.”

Beth Byron,  Samyamayoga

“Mastering Effectiveness has become the user manual for my life. When a challenge presents itself, or when I find myself falling into the gap of negativity, hopelessness or worry, the wisdom and lessons of this manual always get me back on track. Both my professional and personal life are in harmony as a result of my success with Mastering Effectiveness. Thank you, LionHeart!”

Olivia Hipes, Controller, Emerita, Inc.

We always love success stories. Olivia took our leadership program and was so impressed with her learning and accomplishments, that she suggested her mom, Leslie, enroll in our Mastering Effectiveness workshop. Leslie was so impressed with Olivia’s transformation that she signed up for the next leadership program herself. Fast forward nine months – “I’ve never had such a wonderful relationship with my daughter, Olivia… and my business is booming. Thank you so much!”

Leslie Peterson, Acupuncturist

“The LionHeart program was not at all what I expected, but it was the best training I have ever received. I was able to find my voice and successfully implement a new work order system. I now know I can find the answers I need when I get stuck.

Kevin Stauffer,   Box and Foam

“Since the leadership program I am calmer and more confident. The new sense of balance in my life makes my experience of living much more rewarding.

Vicki Fischer, Salon Expressions

“I always read the e-news and find some real treasures in it every month, so I’ve been forwarding it to several loved ones (and I usually never forward anything!) – close friends, parents, and the like. They have told me they find inspiration and wisdom in the newsletter, and value its content even without any background in LionHeart. I think that’s a great endorsement of what you do and how you communicate.”

Ryan Stuhr, Senior Sales Account Manager Benefitfocus

“The Beyond Words communication program far exceeded what I ever could have imagined. The depth was amazing! The answers for any situation were there inside me. I just needed to see I could trust them. I would love to have my staff participate in this program as well.”

Reesa Laws, IT Manager Kaiser CHR

“Prior to LionHeart’s leadership program I “tried hard” to earn a place at the table and promote my agenda, damaging my work relationships and sowing mistrust. Through my project, I discovered that my goals were empowered by alignment with the goals of others. I was surprised to find that I already had what I needed to lead – the courage to do so was as simple as being willing to express what was inside of me in a new way. As I learned to contribute from the heart to the larger team goals rather than focusing on my own plans, I began to trust myself and gain the trust of others. The resulting collaboration produced the best catalogue in our company’s history, and I played a key role. Choosing the path of leadership was hard work – but the results were effortless.”

Bo Sullivan, Rejuvenation Inc

“I was amazed at how well the facilitators drilled down to my blind-spots so quickly with just the right questions that allowed me to find the answer myself. This is an accelerated program in dealing with problems that would normally take decades to learn on your own. After just two days I came away with real-world examples of how to use the LionHeart principles to resolve my toughest challenges.”

Wilson Liu, DestinationRx

The LionHeart coaching has helped me make a difference in both results and relationships. We’ve documented over $100K savings during the past year and my people are expressing real gratitude for my leadership.”

Staci Govi, Rejuvenation Inc.

“In the One Day Workshop, it was like turning the cube to a different side. I moved from seeing very few options to a view full of possibilities and a new sense of freedom. I no longer feel stuck!”

Sally McIntyre MIG Inc.

“Finally, a seminar that provides a clear way to look at problems and get unstuck! In just one day, I was able to look at a situation I had been struggling with for months, and find a solution.”

Arleen McLean Work Smarter

“The workshop could not have come at a better time due to some difficult struggles at work. LionHeart did for me in one day, what I had been unable to do for a long time in my workplace. I’m sold on their methodology!”

Barbara Verchot, Literary Arts

“The biggest benefit of the LionHeart coaching that I received was a 100% ownership of the idea that EVERY answer I seek can be found within. I applied the LionHeart tools to growing my last business 40% in one year and then to releasing that project and finding more meaningful work very swiftly and easily. Now I am applying the LionHeart principles to growing my new venture into a highly successful service-oriented business. But I first had to learn how to take care of myself so that I could be available to others. LionHeart tools encourage self-nurturance and enlightened self-empowerment as the road to serving others. It really works! I believe that the LionHeart program was a real turning point in my career. THANKS!”

Carrie Ure John L. Scott Real Estate

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