People come together in organizations to better themselves. As noted in Part Two, our identities determine just how far and wide these intended improvements can go to have a positive impact.


Imagine for a moment the very best high point experiences you have ever had working within any organization.  My assumption is that your most inspiring memories center around selfless service more than personal gain. If these experiences can happen, why can we not build upon them to have our most inspiring moments become more commonplace?


If we combine our heartfelt longing to make a positive difference with the growing demand for a flourishing economy for everyone, we have an enormous opportunity before us. In my opinion it is not too far-fetched to imagine heart-centered leaders responding to a growing population of consumers who “vote with their dollars” and do business primarily with purpose-driven and values-driven businesses.


We are now interconnected when it comes to communicating information across the internet. It is a time of growing transparency and public accountability. This could be a preview of how we might become more powerfully interconnected when it comes to caring for one another as a unified interdependent global community.


Creating a flourishing organization with tightly woven interdependencies can serve as a stepping stone for this more expansive vision. These interdependencies will occur internally between business functions that have been at odds with one another at times, as well as externally with suppliers and customers who share an optimistic view of economic transformation that serves all parties.

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