Paul Werder (blog image)Setting goals is easy and following through is not.  Research indicates that deliberate practice is the powerful, active ingredient that sets apart the very highest performers from those who just get by. When we know better, but do not act upon what we know, our results are less than they could be.  The good news is that we have the ability to become truly masterful at what is most meaningful to our success in 5 minutes per day! 

Once we clarify what truly matters, and apply a higher degree of focused awareness to that aspect of our work all day long, the active ingredient for effective follow through is not difficult or time consuming.  During this three month live video conference program you will notice real progress and vitality in your pursuit of excellence.  Better yet, you will develop the habits of those who reach the top of their field.

How does it work?

1.  Upon registration, you will meet on the phone with our facilitator who will assist you select a competency critical to your success and clarify why it is important to you.
2.  We will provide you with an electronic copy of Mastering Effectiveness: A Coaching Companion and Self Study Guide (most current version).
3.  You will complete a brief project outline that helps you identify the sharply defined aspects of your competency that allow you to challenge yourself “just beyond your comfort zone” throughout your normal work day.
4. We will provide you with a powerful 5 minute practice that will allow you to learn from your daily experience, track your progress, and prepare you to improve your efforts the following day.
5.  You will participate in six 90 minute live video conference calls with up to 12 participants (calls will be recorded for further review).  Each call will include:
a. Sharing good news updates on your progress to date
b. A learning module that helps you accelerate your pursuit of mastery
c. An opportunity for live coaching that deepens your ability to transcend your obstacles and limiting thought patterns.

Upon completion of the program you will have the tools and a deliberate practice that can keep you on the road to mastery forever!

Registration for January 2016 Program: tuition of $500 (introductory offer and a great deal!) is payable upon registration.  Once you are registered we will schedule your personal consultation (see item 1 above) and clarify your availability. Once we have the first 6 participants registered we will schedule the six 90 minute sessions over a three month period.  For questions, please contact Paul Werder at or 503 659 3532




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