Many aspects of our life in this country are going quite well.  The economy has been growing for almost a decade and many of us have more than enough to meet our basic needs and then some.  It is easy to take all of this for granted.
In spite of the good news we often overlook, many of us feel uneasy, as if there’s something not right in our world.  There is Chaos in the news every day.  At LionHeart we think of Chaos as “the polarizing separation that comes from blaming others as the cause of our difficulties.”  This thinking may be effective in winning the next election cycle, but our impasse solidifies regardless of who has the momentary advantage in Washington DC.  Our challenges and opportunities are much more complex than this good guy, bad guy thinking allows for.
Thoughtful people agree our real solutions can only come from dialogue and inquiry among all points of view.   The best answers are somewhere in the middle. There is abundant scholarship and research to back this holistic alternative up.  Yet, we continue to think and act in ways that exacerbate the Chaos or get tranquilized with our favorite distractions as if there’s nothing we can do.
As we watch this polarization and impasse deepen, we can best attend to this heartache with positive, productive action where it will make a difference.  We believe that intention most powerfully comes to life in two arenas.  First, your immediate sphere of influence – those you love and care about on a daily basis.  You can make an extra effort to find deeper understanding and harmony in your own circle immediately.  The second arena involves those who have become faceless and forgotten – the people who are suffering most from our collective state of consciousness.  How do we do that?
Currently, 42 million people in America struggle with hunger.  Global estimates come in at 1 in 9 people struggling with hunger.  At LionHeart we believe the highest intentions of your healthy or flourishing business involve having a positive impact on your corner of the world.  We work hard with our clients to help them become confident, heart-centered leaders who improve their bottom line providing them the resources to also make a difference in their communities and beyond.
As we observe both the Good News and Chaos in our world, we are compelled to speak out for our bottom line at LionHeart: Generosity.  We challenge ourselves and you to reflect on your own successes and how you feel about those in dire need.  As human suffering increases, greater generosity is always possible.  Every spiritual tradition emphasizes it as a means of solidifying society and our own happiness.  Reflect and take action if you are so inclined.  Begin wherever your heart guides you.  Reinvigorating our practices of Generosity will impact someone’s life more than we know, and it will surely help us as well.

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