Two people at work: “You wouldn’t believe what Department X just did!”  “Again?”  “Yeah, another banner day for teamwork.”  “Are you going to ask management to talk to them?”  “Why bother?  They’re a bunch of prima donnas – untouchable when it comes to accountability.”  “I get it.  Improving efficiency isn’t very popular around here. It’s best to just keep our heads down and get through the BS as best we can.”   The same two people 30 seconds later: “Hey, did you see that awesome game last night?”  “Yeah!  What an amazing finish against the best team in the league!”


Even if this conversation only occurs a few times per week, it signals you have a big problem and a huge opportunity.  Leaders call it a lack of engagement.  Employees say leaders don’t care or listen to them.  No one talks about it in the presence of the “other.”  Passion and enthusiasm are devoted to spectator sports when there’s little room for it at work.  This is a big problem if attracting and retaining quality people is important to you.


Almost a hundred years ago, Sufi poet and philosopher Khahlil Gibran said, “Work is love made visible…”[1]  We all know it can sometimes seem like a curse, but who doesn’t want to love what they do for a living…and love the people they work with…or love hearing that their efforts made someone’s life better?


We invest up to half of all waking hours working, thinking about work, and recovering from work.  We also know that once our basic needs are met, more money does not make us any happier.[2]  So, how do we unleash our untapped potential for joy and fulfillment?


Finish reading about your untapped potential for joy and fulfillment now!

[1] The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran, Alfred A. Knopf Publisher, 1923

[2] The Economics of Happiness, Mark Anielski, New Society Publishers, 2007

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