Year-Long Leadership Program

The LionHeart Leadership Program

  • What if you could “make happen” what you really cared about making happen?
  • What if you could do that with more ease and less struggle?

It’s more than possible to fulfill your professional dreams, when you are willing to:

  • Acknowledge and express your unique strengths as a leader
  • Discover and release your most disempowering thought patterns
  • Learn how to listen to your heart more deeply
  • Unleash your highest intentions with both power and humility

You care about making a difference in your immediate world of work.  You likely see a vast constellation of complex problems and opportunities. And there is probably a lot you would like to say, that you hold back in the name of diplomacy.  There are very likely other important concerns that you have unwittingly given up on.

It is one thing to cope with these challenges, but it takes real leadership to transform your way of being as you resolve them from your highest intentions.

To do this as successfully as possible, you will need fresh ideas and insightful perspectives to guide you through a sustained course of excellent action.  Short term workshops are not long enough to really master the skills you need to produce meaningful results and become the new improved you.

The LionHeart Leadership Program delivers on some very big promises:

During our first two days you will see yourself as a leader in an entirely new and empowering way.  You will leave these two days with both passion and clarity about who you need to be, to create your next level of truly satisfying results.

The surprise is that “who you need to be” is more yourself!

When you find the subtle belief that is compromising your future, and replace it with inspired insight, you will literally feel an infusion of positive energy that transforms your ability to take excellent action.  And over the course of our year together you will become more and more capable of rising above those limiting beliefs when and where it matters.

As we continue the journey you will also receive numerous leadership tools to resolve the “live” challenges that impede your success.  You will experience improved personal productivity, less stress, a growing ability to collaborate, and a stronger sense of professional confidence.

Hundreds of our graduates have attributed the following results to their experience in the LionHeart Leadership Year-Long Program:

  • “Best Year Ever” improvements to their bottom line
  • Larger contributions to their company’s success
  • Permanent relief from stress-induced illness: burnout, panic attacks, headaches, and many others
  • Expanded confidence and effectiveness with challenging people issues
  • Improved effectiveness with work/life balance concerns

Who can benefit from this program?

We have discovered that the best groups are small (8 – 12 people) and have rich diversity.  You will find there is a common quest for leadership effectiveness among our participants: business executives, non-profit leaders, key employees, entrepreneurs, solo practitioner professionals, and those in public service.  Within a few hours of coming together for the first time, people who wondered if this program was for them, realize “I belong here.”

What is included in this year-long leadership program?

Initial Leadership Capability Assessment

You complete a comprehensive self-assessment of your leadership capabilities.

This assessment provides an in depth understanding of your strengths, areas needing improvement, and new capabilities that need to be developed. Used as a benchmark and toolbox throughout the program, this assessment helps you track your growth as a leader.

Two Day Intensive Program Launch
  1. You envision and clarify what you want to accomplish in the form of a “back of napkin project.”  Leaders write just enough down on the back of a napkin and then quickly move into action.  Your project can be an existing high priority work assignment or a bold new endeavor that stretches you to grow as a leader.
  2. You resolve your biggest challenge around implementing your project. We respectfully help you see where you hold back from giving your best contribution.
  3. You experiment with a personalized practice to access your inner wisdom. You will learn how to use your internal cues (thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations) to refine how you release stress and move into inspired action more quickly.
  4. You learn how to advocate the value of your project more effectively.  In every project, getting buy-in is critical to your ultimate progress. You begin your journey with the clarity of how you can best engage the hearts of others to support your success.
Monthly Facilitated Group Coaching Sessions

Every month, your group meets for a half day to receive guidance, develop your leadership skills, and get specific coaching to resolve the problems you are struggling with. As a result, you will have many successes to report that will inspire your next round of breakthroughs.

Monthly Wisdom Group Meetings

Every month between classes, you meet with a subset of your group to practice coaching one another. These meetings help you keep your energy high and provide you an ideal opportunity for peer learning and camaraderie.

Exercises, Assignments, and Readings

Every month between classes, you are asked to complete your self-assigned homework around advancing your project and preparing for the next session. You are also offered reading recommendations that will enrich your journey.

Final Leadership Capability Assessment

At the end of the course, you reassess your leadership capabilities, summarize what you have accomplished, and share how your leadership growth will benefit others. Our graduation process provides a valuable benchmark that highlights your transformational achievements and solidifies your intention to be a lifelong learner.

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