Stress Relief

A Surprising Benefit of our Work

Stress is enormously costly – to your well-being, your employees and your bottom line. American businesses spend $300 Billion annually on absenteeism, comp claims, and medical expenses; Depression costs $40 Billion, Anxiety disorders cost $46 Billion, and 28% of US workers have high blood pressure. Amazingly, 72% of American workers report frequent stress related physical and mental conditions. (This data is according to studies by MIT, The Society for Behavioral Disorders and the American Heart Association).

You are likely not surprised because you feel this stress and see it in others every day. What is surprising, however, is the palpable stress relief our clients receive from applying our principles of business success.

While our coaching is directed toward improving organizational performance and expanding people’s leadership capabilities, chronic, stress related symptoms and illnesses have disappeared when clients take our coaching to heart and genuinely work from their inner wisdom on a regular basis. We are not doctors and can make no promises, but these actual success stories exemplify the possibilities inherent in our unique approach (anonymity protected):

  • A CEO with chronic shoulder pain and a consistent ache in her heart when she encountered her former boss over a three year period was 90% relieved.
  • A Marketing Manager who was sick in bed and unable to work after fainting twice within 30 days went to the emergency room and doctors found no reason he had fainted. After a series of coaching sessions he returned to take on the additional responsibilities consistent with his recent promotion.
  • A CEO had been suffering with two migraine headaches lasting an average of 18 hours per week for 40 years. After a series of coaching sessions and learning to accept her emotions. she has had less than one brief headache per month over the past three years.
  • A manager with panic attacks that prevented him from leaving his home had used up more than 100% of his earned leave because he could literally “not open the door to leave home” numerous times. After four coaching sessions he consistently came to work for several months before moving into a less stressful position.
  • A CFO with chronic fatigue syndrome saw more than 10 doctors in an attempt to regain her strength after a 6 month push to implement a new computer system. Within another 6 months she returned to work full time and credited the LionHeart coaching as the key to her recovery.
  • A senior executive in his 50s discovered he had “real grown up fingernails” for the first time in his life after a few months of coaching sessions. His bigger surprise was that his 7 year old son also quit biting his nails without any direct conversation about the topic.
  • A manager with several years of headache history eliminated her headaches after 3 months in our yearlong leadership program.
  • An HR manager had experienced severe back and neck pain every day at work for over two years and had visited a number of health professionals without success. She was surprised to discover the pain disappeared after 3 months in our yearlong leadership program.
  • An owner of a company who had been losing sleep over collecting unpaid invoices from his largest client was surprised at how calm he was when he respectfully demanded 50% of his past due invoices. After this initial success he “fired his client” when he was unable to collect the other half of his receivables in a reasonable time period. His ability to sleep peacefully improved noticeably.

Our approach to business is this: you can always tell when you are personally out of alignment because your body will bark at you. You do not have to settle for being miserable. You can be successful without your stress getting the better of you.