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We offer these brief papers to stimulate your thinking and provide you with an expansive view of possibilities. Enjoy and please pass them along!

White Papers

The Leadership Imperative

An overview of LionHeart’s unique approach to business success that will empower you to build competitive advantage.
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The Importance of Values in Building a High Performance Culture

Industry leaders, profitable businesses, and the most impactful non-profit organizations proactively measure and manage their values.
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The Wisdom Worker

To improve productivity Peter Drucker’s knowledge workers must also become wisdom workers, who add value with their hearts as well as their minds.
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The Remembrance: Investing Time in Reflection

The practice of remembrance is a sacred treasure that is the most important tool of a leader.
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Impeccable Workflows: The Foundation of Trusting Relationships

An organization’s ability to effectively collaborate is a powerful way to create value and minimize waste.
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Organizational Assessment Snapshot

Seven questions designed to give you an instinctive understanding of where your organization is thriving and where it is struggling.
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The Power of Strategic Alignment

It can be brutal getting everyone on the same page. The reason we keep trying is that it’s virtually impossible to be successful without it.
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Creating a System of Operational Excellence

Having the right people routinely doing the right work in a system of accountability is the foundation to strategic growth.
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Strategic Planning: Influencing the Future with Improved Performance and Stronger Leadership

Moving out into the unknown is the perfect opportunity to develop the people who are responsible for designing and implementing your strategic plan.
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Appreciative Inquiry

By focusing on, replicating, and enhancing your best success stories your people will naturally begin to notice and bring the best out of everyone.
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Published Articles

Accountability with Heart: The Art of Tough Love (Cascadia GBC Trim Tab)

There is nothing more precious than the colleague who will hold you to your highest standards of excellence.
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Deep Roots: Leadership in the first year of the Last Decade (Cascadia GBC Trim Tab)

While our environmental crisis is urgent change agents who deepen their spiritual connection will be most effective.
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Shade for Everyone: A Leader’s Role in Social Justice (Cascadia GBC Trim Tab)

We can look social inequity in the eye and shift our focus from horror to anger to responsibility, and ultimately to an opportunity to transform ourselves.
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Restorative Leadership (Cascadia GBC Trim Tab)

We can invest ourselves in transformation for more than ourselves; it’s also about our children.
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Collaboration: How to Get it Right (Cascadia Trim tab)

This article offers powerful tools that are simple to use when working with others is imperative.
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