Sheron Fruehauf

Sheron Fruehauf is an extremely insightful coach who is able to help clients quickly understand the core issue at the heart of their problem. Her gifts truly shine, however, in ascertaining and developing a group’s dynamics in a way that unleashes people’s commitment and creativity. By developing awareness, trust, self-responsibility and clarity of intention, she brings transformation and healing to people who have a commitment to working together in the most productive way.

Trained at The Jaffe Institute, leaders in the field of subtle energy medicine, Sheron holds regular classes and workshops on energy awareness and spiritual growth. She also works as a private coach for leaders in many different arenas. The transformation she guides her clients through brings genuine confidence to more effectively meet every situation and challenge that life presents.

In 1992, Sheron completed her masters degree in Cross-cultural Education, at the University of Illinois/Chicago. Interest in different cultures lead to extensive research and travel throughout Asia and Europe. Fluent in both German and Mandarin Chinese, she has studied and taught in Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, Germany and Japan. Her sensitivity to the needs and interests of differing cultures and her ability to bring harmony and understanding to both sides of a conflict is well known.

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